Parts Wanted

Wanted Daimler & Lanchester Parts,

New and used Parts always wanted for our club stores, single items or job lots welcome.

Wanted, New or used Front & Rear bumpers for Majestic Majors (January 05)

Wanted, New or used Hub caps / Over riders for Conquest / Century’s(January 05 )

Wanted, New or good body panels for copying and remanufacturing (Feb 05)

Wanted, New or good Exhaust parts for Daimler & Lanchester for remanufacturing purpose(March 05)

Wanted Daimler & Lanchester Exhaust Manifolds in any Condition (July 2011)

Wanted Steering Wheels, ie DB18/ Conquest Century /Majestic Major Etc Good or Bad for reconditioning, 2013
Daimler Conquest used or Good Gear Box Mountings any condition

Engine & Gearbox Mountings used in any condition for E20 EL24 & E3.5 also DB18 also Lanchester 14/2
Front Side Lamps LD309 and Rear Lamps or parts of Wanted for E18/20 & E3.5

Fuel Pumps AC Type 1930 To 1945 For Daimler & Lanchester in any Condition even broken !

Exhaust Manifold Wanted Good or Broken for Daimler & Lanchesters 1930 onwards

Hub Caps for Daimler Consort, also Daimler 15 Caps Wanted

Wanted New old Stock Daimler & Lanchester 1930 to 1970 Parts single Parts and Job lots .
Wanted Daimler DS420 Limousine for spares (April 06)

Please E-Mail us what you have.

updated 2/3/2014

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