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Since the early 1970’s i have i started Purchasing Job Jots of Daimler and Jaguar Parts one first large Job lots i remember it came from Commander Ladbrooke the original owner of ABC Spares located in Holt in Dorset, he manage to get these Parts i believe from Henley Jaguar from Bournemouth during there Close down, there lot of Daimler Parts in there as new V8 Parts & MK9/10 and early series one xj parts etc.

over Years many other Parts just seem to kept Turing up and Many Lots from the Auto Jumble’s were also Found and still being found there

Daimler & Lanchester Parts Saved, only Some Parts we managed to Save from D.L.O.C Store closed down, We took Twenty Trips and Full load each time in 1998.

Daimler & Lanchester Parts Saved, from a London Garage David (Ron) King Automobiles when closed in 2002, used Parts Found DB18/ DJ range/ SP 250 Parts/ DS420 Parts, also Racks full New Stock for many types of Daimlers

Daimler & Lanchester,Just in: A large hoard of new & used body panels: wings / bonnets / boots / doors / etc 1930s to 1950s. Ex D.L.O.C (March’ 04) Now over 100 panels in stock (April 05) (Donated by Dave Philpot), All transported Back on out Ford Thames Transporter.

Daimler & Lanchester Parts Saved, from Derek Sleigh as taking retirement in 2005

“The Conquest Spares Company”, has now been purchased by the club so to increase stock of DJ Parts and also includes old stock from the 1930’s onwards much of this is what was left of the DLOC stores, (November 04)

Daimler DS 420 Limousine Parts Saved, New & Used Parts these where saved from the a London Garage run by David Bain, Collected in 2005

Daimler & Lanchester New and Used Parts & Cars Saved, from the late Robert Grace Collection, part like DE27 /36 & DB18, LA14/1 in March 2007

Daimler Parts Saved, from the Late Henry Morgan, a large Collection of New & Used Parts as DB18 /DJ and DF Range Parts, March 2007

Daimler & Lanchester Parts, Saved from the late John Wentworth Collection New and Used Parts from 1930’s onwards , November 2007 but took Months of Transporting & Finished in Late November 2008

Daimler Cars and New & Used  Parts many DJ Range etc, Saved from what was left of the Collection from the late Reg Turner Collection in December 2007

We have Tons of new and used parts, We are Probably one off the Largest Suppliers of Parts from our stores about 50 Tons of it scattered over our 9.500 sq ft under Cover Storage,(November 2007)

Please Note All the above Parts was Saved and made Possible due to the Support of the Members of our Club !

The Daimler Enthusiasts Spares Club, Dedicated to keeping those Daimler & Lanchesters on the road !

Tons of new and used parts and help available to club members, Why not join us !



July 04

Back in July the club held its 1st ever working weekend, at one of its main stores in Hampshire. A very big thank you to all that attended including family, friends, neighbors and club members. We managed to strip three cars to nothing in a few days, and managed to get rid of all the scrap. I thought that this would have made a big difference for us space wise, but all the spares had to go somewhere so there’s still a bit of tidying up to be done. We are thinking of doing the same again in the near future so if anyone is interested in coming down for a day or two then you are very welcome.

Photos shortly



up dated 20/1/2013

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