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Daimler & Lanchester ,Just in: A large hoard of new & used body panels: wings / bonnets / boots / doors / etc 1930s to 1950s. Ex DLOC (March’ 04) Now over 100 panels in stock (April 05)

The clubs parts department now has well over 3000 parts listed on the clubs data base. (August’ 04) 4.000 now listed (April 05) Now 6000 listed July 2011.

Gaskets, We have Hundreds of Gaskets in Stock probably the largest stock of original head gaskets there is, also we re-manufacture all gaskets from 1930 onwards on our own tooling, we can supply Sets to individual Gaskets (June 04) (2009)

Exhaust Systems, we carry one of the largest stocks of re-manufactured Exhaust from our own jigs and original in stocks (June 04) (2010 more added to the range)

Exhaust Mufflers , Re-manufactured for Majestic Majors now up rated and more effective now back in stock (July 04)

Daimler Conquest DJ250 Screen Seals, re-manufactured for the front & Rear screen seals,They are in stock now, (July 04)(2009)

Wheel trim embellishers are now back in stock 15 and 16 inch sizes.(March 04)

Nave plates: New for Conquest / Century. We are thinking that this could be our next task to re-manufacture. Club funds permitting will members please let us know if you are interested so we can see what demand there is for new ones. (April’ 04) (this was Canceled in 2009 due to little demand)

New top door frame rubber seals now in stock and recently re-manufactured by the club for the DJ Conquest century range (August 04)

Engine & Gearbox Mountings, Large stock most mountings in stock, new originals & Recondition (July 04)(2009)

The Conquest Spares Company”, has now been purchased by the club so to increase stock of DJ range Parts and also includes old stock from the 1930’s onwards much of this is what was left of the DLOC stores, (November 04)

Daimler Flywheel Plug Removing Tool, No’s 303790-MT25.7-(952231) We have how re-manufactured this tool as to the original pattern, essential part of the original tool kit, and now in stock (December 04)

Daimler Body repair Sections, now in stock Sills & wheel arch Sections with Jacking points also other panels for Conquest / Century and DS420 Limousines (January 05)

Air filters, new for the SP250 re-manufactured as original, also most others in stock (January 05)

Oil / Air / fuel and p.a.s Filters, most filters in stock for all years 1945 to 1975 (January 05)

Side Lamps, New front side lamps re-manufactured as original, for SP250 in stock excellent quality (January 05)

Accelerator pedal mounting bracket & pin, has now been re-manufactured by us, fits Daimler & Lanchester cars 1930 to 1960’s (January 05)

Bellows rubber, on floor for gear change and brake pedals, Also accelerator pedal (January 05)

Rubber cover, Remanufactured for hand brake cable on bulkhead, for DB18 Consort/ Conquest / Regency 104 (January 05)

Tyres, Over one hundred used & some new in stock now 15″/16″/17″ sizes (January 05)

Speedo / RPM Cables, New cables back in stock for Conquest / Century (January 05)

Top Trunions, Re-con exchange units in stock for the Conquest / Century range (Feb 05)

Wheel Studs, Newly re-manufactured by us for Conquest / Century’s Range (Feb 05)

Fuel Pumps AC & SU, 1930 to 1960 New pumps and reconditioned pumps in stock also Diaphragm kits and SU points stocked (Feb o5) (2010)

Brake hose & Seal Kits, We have a very large stock form 1945 to 1975 (March 05) (2008)

Track Rod Ends. New stocks of Remanufactured so that the original self lubrication system can be re used for DB18 & DJ Conquest / Century / Regency / “104” (March 05)

Brake Bleed Screws , Re-manufactured for DE27/36 & DB18 (March 05)

Brake Cylinders, For Majestic Majors Back in stock new front & Rear Caliper piston assembly (March 05)

Water Pumps, 1945 to 1975 New & Re-conditioned pumps in stock also parts (March 05) (New Larger Range added 2009)

Fan Belts, Very large stock and newly re-manufactured belts in for the Conquest / Century range (March 05)

Roll Bar Bushes , Newly re-manufactured for Century 2 & Majestic Major (April 05)

Roll Bar Bushes , in stock for Conquest & 2.5 V8 / DS420 Limousine (April 05)

Suspension Bushes, fronts back in stock for the Conquest Century range (April 05)

Tons of new and used parts, in our stores about 50 Tons of it scattered over 10000 sq ft of Storage (july 2011)

Speedo & RPM Cables, Back in stock for Majestic Major (April 05)

Water Hoses, Top & Bottom re-manufactured back in stock for most from1945 to 1974 (April 05)

King pins & bushes, we are now remanufacturing some more new sets for the Regency & Empress DF300/302 The 3 Litre range will be in stock shortly (June 05)

Exhausts,Systems & Parts  DB18/DJ Range, DQ450 &DS420 are back in stock (July 2011)

Pistons rings, for Majestic Majors 4.6 V8 now being remanufacturing will be back in stock shortly (July 05)

“D” Badges,Re-manufactured to fit in the insert on air vents on Majestic Majors & early DS420 Limousine (July 05)

Brake Cylinders, Just in and Re-manufactured Rear Cylinders to Fit “104” and Empress range for DF310 TO 308 Models also fronts Conquest Century Range  (August 2011)

Piston Sets, oversize’s will in stock later this years for most Daimlers (July 05)

Head Gaskets, Daimler & Lanchester over 250 Sets in Stock original & Remanufactured 1930 to 1975 (August 2011)

Engine Bearings, a Large stock of Various Sizes of Big Ends and Mains in Stock for most Daimlers (July 2007)

Engine Valves, a Large stock of Valves Probably Several Hundred in Stock for most Daimlers and Lanchesters 1930’s onwards (July 2007)(more Remanufactured for DB18 “2009)

Steering Column, Rubber Draught Excluder. For DB18/ Conquest Century also others available (August 07)

Steering Boxes, fully rebuilt Boxes in stock for DB18 /DE range etc (2010)

Fuel Pumps, New Pump and Kits also Repairs & Re-con Exchange units, for all Daimler and Lanchesters 1930’s onwards (July 2011)

TONS of Parts Coming in to Stock in coming in every Month (April 07)

The Daimler Enthusiasts Spares Club, Dedicated to keeping those Daimler & Lanchesters on the road !

PARTS, We will always try to beat any other suppliers on Parts to do our best prices and Discounts to club Members, (November 2007/2009 )(2010) 2011/2012

The DEC has Started selling Parts on eBay from August 2012 ,…

More New Head Gaskets Remanufactured and now in stock for the EL24 now in stock January 2013 Majestic Major front & Rear Screen Seals remade and back in stock February 2013

We have Tons of New and used parts in Stock, Advice help available to club members, Why not Support us and Join us !

February 2014, The Daimler Club opens up New eBay Shop see  ideal for None Club Members to Purchase Parts.

March 2014, New out Remanufactured New Rubber One Piece Bottom Hoses to Replace the old type Metal Pipe and Joining Hoses, These are for The Daimler Conquest Century Range, also we have some for Daimler 104 Sportsman and Empress 3.5 Litre and Majestic 3.8 and DK 400 Limousine

Updated 20/3/2014

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