As I have been a Daimler DB18 & Majestic Major Owner for a number of years when i first got this Daimler I noticed how difficult it was to get spares and help with this models. Now all that has changed over the years the club can supply most parts for these fine cars.

I have been attending Shows and Rallies for many years and noticed that I never saw any other Majestic Major what so ever and so I was left wondering if there were any more left.

I decided to form a Register on the 6th December 1989 to try to find out just how many cars were left and where they were situated. After many months of hard work I decided to form a Club which I called The Daimler Spares and Independent Register for the Majestic and Majestic Major. Over the next year the Club grew to more than twenty members, so now with a small membership I was able to put some of my skills and knowledge into action, buying up obsolete spares and trying to get some of these cars up and running again.

Many cars have been scrapped over the years through the lack of parts available or if the parts were available they were too expensive because some people are just too greedy. The idea of this Club is to supply the spares that our Members want at sensible prices.

In early 1991 we decided to give the Club a new look and image, this was done by one of our Members who lives in the Isle of Man. The Club is now known as The Daimler Enthusiasts Club, over the next few years the Club expanded and helped by supplying spares to keep these fine cars on the road and aided many restorations. The Chassis Register is expanding nicely, accounting for cars both existing and scrapped and their locations.

You may well wonder what started my interest in the Chassis Register, well it was when I checked the chassis number on a car that I bought in the early 1990’s and found that it was the 13th production car built after the 10 prototypes. This made it the second oldest Major known to have survived. It was found in a field out in the open where it had laid up for ten to fifteen years. It is now having a body off restoration by myself. If I had not of saved this car it would have been another one on the scrap heap and as there are not many early survivors left I could not let this happen. We hope to save as many of these fine cars as possible not just the early ones.

I hope you have found this of some interest, if you would like to support the Club or become a Member, you do not have to necessarily have to own a Daimler or Lanchester, your support will still be most welcome.

John Nash

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