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First of all I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you, and tell you about the Daimler Enthusiasts Owners Club. The Club that is run by Enthusiasts for Enthusiasts and our aim is to provide a spares back up to help with restorations and to keep them on the road.

My name is John Nash, after 35 years of involvement with Daimlers and Jaguars, I realized some years ago that as some of the older models for examples the Consort / Conquests & Majestic Majors, were no longer supported with parts or technical information, that there was a real need for a support service for these wonderful old vehicles.

I own various Daimlers and Jaguars, I still have my first Daimler (1952 DB 18 CONSORT) that I purchased in 1972. I have added to the collection ever since, including what is regarded as the second oldest Majestic Major (DQ450) which was the 13th car built. She is having a body off the chassis rebuild at the moment and certainly will survive.

My aim through starting this Club in 1989 was to bring together owners of the marque From 1945 to 1975 particularly the DB18, CONSORT / EMPRESS, DC/DE/DH/27-36, DF”104″, SPORTSMAN, REGENCY 2, EMPRESS 2A /3.DK400 Limousines, MAJESTICS 3.8, MAJESTIC MAJORS 4.6 V8, DR450 Limousine, DJ, CONQUEST / CENTURY range,and includes the LJ200 Lanchester 14 Leda, also now welcome is the SP 250 DART and the 250 V8 SALOON also The DS420 which was the last DAIMLER LIMOUSINE which was built by Jaguar.

We try to provide as much support as possible for these fine cars. The club caters for Daimler cars from 1947 – 1975. We also have members with pre-war cars, these include: EL 24, Light 15 and 1931 16/20 Q, DB18, DE 27/ 36, all of these are also very welcome, you don’t even have to own a Daimler or Lanchester to be a member your support is most welcome.

Many owners have found it an uphill struggle to keep the cars on the road and sadly this has led to many of them being laid up or scrapped, only for the want of a little tender loving care or a few quite simple part replacements. The print media has been of no help simply by getting their information from the unenlightened, this has the effect of putting prospective owners off since they believe they are being given correct advice.

The tendency for garages to hold their hands up in horror and tell you they cannot get the parts and that hasn’t helped their survival. My purpose is to stop all that nonsense and to help you – the DAIMLER or LANCHESTER owner keep your pride and joy on the road for many years to come.

The Club spare parts department can help you with a wide range of new, used and re-manufactured parts, we have also purchased several job lots from the D.L.O.C stores when it closed down in 1998. When it comes to advice or technical knowledge, I have gained a lot over the years from close contact with these neglected models.

Technical Knowledge comes in handy when I have to know which replacement can be used for an obsolete part for example.

All this involves considerable research and a lot of time spent phoning contacts and going to autojumbles, arranging purchases or simply digging around old parts stores. All this can only be continued with the support of the Members. I put time and work into the club all voluntarily. All money made from the sale of parts from the club are ploughed back into the club.

The Parts Stores has grown a lot over the last 18 year and now nearly Covers 9.500 sq feet of dry storage,(August 2006).

Sometimes I need to ask manufacturers and engineering shops to make parts for several owners, and the Club can now supply 95% of parts ordered from our stores.

I have many happy members contact me from all over the country, as far away as Australia. A Majestic Major owner on the Isle of Man needed a gearbox for his car, so he rang me and I had a gearbox on its way to him within 48 hours. Borg Warner actually stopped producing the box over 20 years ago. Naturally he was delighted with the service as his car does over 20,000 miles a year as his everyday transport. His local Jaguar/Daimler Dealer apparently had not even heard of the Model.

Are you keen to keep your Daimler or Lanchester on the road – or perhaps put one back on the road, which has sadly and unnecessarily, been laid up?

If you love your old Daimler, why not give it the things it needs, the Club can help you give a new lease of life to your Daimler.

Members receive a quarterly magazine with your input of News, Articles’ Parts available ,We have Club Stands at many of the large Shows throughout the Summer, and spares, advice is readily available. You will notice there are no regular meetings other than Shows, this is because the car is the ‘Star’ and the Members are so widespread it wouldn’t be possible. It is possible we will be able to hold our own Daimler Rally one of these days I hope it won’t be too long in coming.

Even if your car has been scrapped I would still like to hear from you, so that I can keep as complete a record of the cars as possible. Any information you can provide is vital to keep the Register up to date, and if perhaps you know the whereabouts of other Daimlers & Lanchesters then please get in touch, a Member may be looking for a restoration project and would be interested in saving it. I am hopeful that through the Club we can put more of these excellent cars back on the road and that we will see more of our Motoring Heritage surviving well into the 21st Century.

I look forward to welcoming you as a new Member shortly.a Joining form can be found here.

If you would like to know more about the aims of the Club or you need advice or assistance please contact me on 01202 481251. The best time is 6.30pm to 9.00pm when I am less likely to be up to my elbows in grease, or am sorting out Daimler parts or e-mail me at enquiry@daimlerclub.co.uk normally here doing e-mails to Midnight Six Days a week. (July 2007)

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